We 've reached 10,000 doors

I've learned what matters to voters in thousands of personal conversations over the past two years: a quality education for our kids, housing that we can afford, and efficient transportation to get us to and from work. Every door we knock on gets me closer to being your voice in Salem, where we can stand up for what matter most.

We are knocking on doors and making phone calls every day, reaching out to over 1,000 voters each week. Our goal is to knock on 10,000 more doors between September 1st and November 1st.

Big Corporations are Afraid

Big Corporations Are Afraid
A Better Oregon-----Opponents of Measure 97 would like you to believe they represent small Oregon businesses, but their campaign disclosures tell a different tale. Today our opposition confirmed for us what we’ve known all along: The real opponents of Measure 97 are large and out-of-state corporations. And these corporations have committed to spending tens of millions of dollars in an attempt to trick Oregon voters into believing they don’t need to pay their fair share in taxes.

Fantasy number or inconvenient truth?

Fantasy numbers or inconvenient truth?       As Oregonians weigh a proposal to raise taxes on large corporations, it's important to have reliable facts. Some weeks ago, a report by the Legislative Revenue Office predicting the jobs impact of the tax proposal got wide media attention. But as we point out in our latest blog, the media failed to recognize that the LRO job estimates are fantasy numbers