Yamhill County Democrats
Central Committee Meeting
Oct 26 , 2017
Golden Valley Brewery
McMinnville, OR

—Chair Stephanie Findley called the meeting to order at 6:30. The Pledge
of Allegiance was recited, the agenda for the meeting was reviewed.
Treasure’s report was approved. Approval of Minutes from September was
waved until next month.
—Guest speaker
Chelsea William of the Oregon Justice Resource Center discussed
Disrupting Mass Incarceration at the Local Level, a movement to reduce
the stream of people being sent to prison for relatively minor offenses,
especially people of color. Oregon has the third largest rate of youth in
prison in the country. The OJRC has produced a guide on this topic. The
prison population has grown 500% in 40 years, and the US has the largest
prison population in the world. One important action is to lobby county
commissioners to ban the box on job applications that asks about prison
history. Another is to publish information at election time regarding judges
and their decisions regarding incarceration.
Terra discussed the reduction in the ACA enrollment time, as well as the cut
in funding for publicity and navigators. A motion was passed for the YCD to
put flyers in local grocery stores and other public places.
YCD Committees haven’t been in place for some time. Liz Stein was
elected to chair an Ad Hoc committee on Platforms and Resolutions.
Betsy DeVos came to McMinnville and toured MHS. Despite short notice,
250 people showed up to protest her plans for vouchers for private schools.
The protesters included many young people and people of color. It was
organized by YCD and Action for Oregon with support from Washington
County Democrats and Oregon Education Association.

Annette Madrid announced that Yamhill County has a tentative agreement
with the union and should avoid a strike.

Meaningful Movies is presenting a movie about health care at Riley Hall at
Linfield College. There will be another movie on the same subject soon.
There is a proposal to raise admission prices for National Parks to $70. An
open comment period will be in place for the next 3-4 weeks. Please
comment against this proposal. The link is available on Google.
Stephanie went to the Democratic Party Summit this month. It is all
available on live stream. She found it very informative with great
The Washington County Democrats are having a fundraiser on Nov 4 at the
Tualitin Country Club. All are welcome.
United Food and Commercial Workers Union has agreed to do all printing
jobs for YCD for free, including a newsletter. They would prefer a bilingual
There is a proposal to become involved with the Adopt-A-Highway
program. A project manager is needed.
A coordinator is needed for our financial investments. If no one comes
forward, Stephanie will work with the DPO.
If you want a topic or know of a speaker, let Stephanie know and she will
work on it. She will be inviting elected leaders to speak in the coming
months, especially nonpartisan elected so we can get a better sense of
who they are.

The next meeting will be on November 30, the fifth Thursday at the same
location. There will be no December meeting.
Attendees who signed attendance sheet(* PCP)
Chelsea Williams Larry Richardson* Jan Patten Pat Magda*
Marsha Bacon* Liz Marlia-Stein* Tom Lenon* Barry Lily*
Barbara Carter* Josephine McNickle Jonathan Ziemba
Stephanie Findley* Sandy Coates*

Respectfully Submitted,
Sandy Coates

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