Resolution 2019-03- In Support of the National Popular Vote

RESOLUTION #2019-003

A RESOLUTION OF THE Yamhill County Democrats 

IN SUPPORT OF The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

WHEREAS, The Electoral College violates the fundamental democratic principle of  one-person-one-vote, since electoral votes are not allotted equally to individual states proportional populations, giving unequal power to voters in different states, and

WHEREAS, The Electoral College therefore has the potential to contradict the will of the people due to the possibility of a President being elected with less than a majority of the total popular vote, and

WHEREAS, This has happened 5 times in American history, 2 times since the year 2000, and

WHEREAS, This effect is most profound in states that lean strongly toward one candidate and may cause voters supporting the perceived loser to not vote as their vote wouldn’t really count, and in very close states, where the actual loser’s votes wouldn’t count at all.

WHEREAS, A majority of Americans support the idea that the winner of the national popular vote should be president (national, and 

WHEREAS, The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, when approved by States with a total of 270 electoral votes or more (currently the majority of electoral votes), commits those states to cast all of their electoral votes for the candidate that has won a majority of the popular vote in the entire United States, and

WHEREAS, The Electoral College, as established in the US Constitution, would be difficult to repeal and replace with the popular national vote because a Constitutional Amendment requires ratification by ¾ of all state legislatures, and an alternative that produces the same result is desirable:

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The Yamhill County Democratic Party supports and votes in favor of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and strongly urges other County Democratic Parties and the Oregon Legislature and Governor to support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and vote in favor of SB870 and HB2704 during the 2019 Legislative Session.