Central Committee Meetings


  • The Yamhill Democratic Party represents 20,000+ registered Democrats in our county.  We do not receive funding from the State or Federal Parties, we must raise money for local races ourselves.
  • Yamhill County currently includes two State House Districts (HD23, HD24, and small pieces of HD26 and HD31) and two State Senate Districts (SD12 and SD13).
  • On the fourth Thursday of every month (except December) we hold our ‘Central Committee’ meeting.  Much of the work of our local party gets done in committees.  If you would like to participate, please consider joining one of our committees, which meet separately:
    • Budget, Communications, Fundraising, Outreach, Political Action, and Rules
  • As a County committee we are part of the Democratic Party of Oregon, and send representatives to Congressional District 6 meetings (6 times a year), and to the State Central Committee (4 times a year).
  • We do not receive top-down guidance or instruction on candidates, we must identify and support local candidates ourselves.
  • We can only formally support Democratic candidates in partisan races.  Positions such as School Board or County Commissioner are ‘non-partisan’; State Representative, Congressional positions, etc are ‘partisan’
  • Under the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Oregon and the Yamhill County Democrats, meetings are run by ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’.
    • If you’d like to raise a topic for discussion, you must be a PCP
    • If you want to share your opinion, any attendee may speak during discussions
    • If you want to vote, you must be a PCP