YCD Leadership

Yamhill County Democrats are led by the Executive Committee made up of of elected officers. These Officers have primary responsibility, as the lead “board members”, of providing leadership and oversight to the party, in addition to their specific duties. The principle officers are: Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer. Other officers are the Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the State Central Committee and to the First Congressional District. For details please see our Bylaws.

Yamhill County Democrats Executive Committee

Victoria Nolan
Amy Karshner
Recording Secretary
Megan Corvus
Corresponding Secretary

The Chair provides overall direction, presides at meetings, is the voice of the organization, leads fundraising, appoints the chair of standing committees, and appoints coordinators. The Chair is automatically a delegate to the State Central Committee.

The Vice-chair performs the functions of the Chair in the absence of the Chair. The Vice-chair is automatically a delegate to the State Central Committee.

The Secretary records and distributes the minutes of the Regular and Executive Committee meetings, mails notices of Regular Meetings, maintains the roster of officers, Precinct Committee Persons, and other posts, conducts official correspondence, maintains the archives, and performs related duties.

The Treasurer oversees finances, collaborates with the Finance Committee in developing an annual budget for Executive Committee approval, prepares a monthly financial report, records and files all contribution and expenditures with the Oregon Secretary of State (see also Campaign Funds below), and performs related duties.

State Central Committee Delegates

  • SCC Delegates: Gustavo Guerrero, Victoria Ernst, Scot Ragsdale
  • SCC Alternate Delegates: Stephanie Findley, Lu Ann Anderson, Erin Chen

Delegates to the State Central Committee

The State Central Committee (SCC) provides state-wide representation to oversight of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO). As well as an opportunity to network with other Democrats from around the state, delegates to the SCC vote on platform and issue resolutions for the party.

Congressional District 6

  • CD6 Delegates: Cathy Dorner, Alyson Larkin, Doris Towery
  • CD6 Alternate Delegates: Anne Falla, James Bush, Victoria Nolan

Delegates to the Sixth Congressional District Committee

The primary function of each congressional district committee is to select a replacement congressperson should an elected Democrat from a given congressional district leave office or become deceased during a term of office. The Sixth Congressional District Commitee also works to elect a Democrat to the 6th Congressional house seat and is the pool for selecting delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Additionally, it supports electing Democrats within the 6th Congressional District.

Standing Committees

The day to day work of the Party is done by our Standing Committees led by our Committee Chairs. Our Standing Committees are:

  1. Budget Committee
  2. Communications Committee
  3. Fundraising Committee
  4. Outreach Committee
  5.  Political Action Committee
  6. Rules Committee

Learn more about our Committees.

Precinct Committee Persons

A Precinct Committee Person is a representative of the Party. They are voted on locally and represent precincts of 250 registered voters. In Yamhill County there are a total of 255 Democratic PCP positions. PCPs can also be appointed between even-year elections.

Learn more about becoming a PCP.

Visit the Yamhill County website for a full list of the current precinct committee persons.